About the Photographer

Dieppe-based photographer André Poirier grew up with an appreciation for landscapes and travel. Born and raised in coastal New Brunswick, he intuitively understood the solace of natural spaces. 

Later, while pursuing medical studies in Quebec, André purchased a Sony camera  and traveled to nearby lakes and mountains, hoping the challenge of learning photography would provide stress relief. It became much more than that. 

Photography taught him the thrill of discovery. It altered his perspective by inviting him to enter the landscape. To wait for the light. To listen for the stories. 

Deeply influenced by the creative genius of Ansel Adams, and his ability to emotionally connect the viewer to the photographed landscape, as well as the panoramic drama and colour techniques of Peter Lik, André embarked upon a quest for excellence in his own photographic skills. 

Today, he and his wife Melanie travel to some of the world’s most cherished and majestic locales hoping to capture the perfect image. The same skills he employs as a surgeon—patience, preparation, precision, envisioning outcome—serve him well as he carefully plans each photoshoot to the tiniest detail. 

“Then, when I arrive on location, I flush my own emotions. I allow myself to be captivated by the landscape. When you spend 3-4 hours in a breathtaking place, absorbed in its texture, light, depth and emotion, you begin to see and feel it differently.” 

André’s finished large-format fine art prints perfectly capture the emotional impact and dramatic energy of some of the planet’s most stunning landscapes. His light-filled cityscapes glitter with the vitality and vibrancy of urban architecture and life. 

“I feel like I’m stealing places from around the world, and bringing that one perfect moment back home to keep for the rest of our lives. This is my ultimate goal.” 


How it's done

My work

Crafting fine art takes quite some time to get to the final product. Understanding complex camera techniques was the first part of my journey. Reading helped, but nothing makes you learn more than a memory card full of frustrating mistakes.

After mastering camera techniques,  it becomes all about finding your passion in all that photography has to offer. The art making begins in a much later process, or at least in my case. Studying many great photographers  was great help to improve these skills. The actual reason I love creating these images is the fact that I will always have something to learn no matter how much experience or knowledge I have acquired. Travel/landscape photography was definitely my niche since it became a clear passion very quickly and it gave purpose to our journeys. Since then, our travels have been carefully planned around photography. 

For travel/landscape photography, it all starts by meticulously studying and planning the locations and the weather  to be at the right place at the right time.  Most of these images are taken at painfully early and late hours. Some after scary hikes in the dark in unknown wild locations. Sometimes, despite grand efforts, nature has other plans and you are left without anything to show. I have learned to be patient and to simply return the following days until I achieve my goal. 

Only the best images are carefully post-processed at home. This is another interesting yet very complex part of photography since there are multiple things to consider and lots to learn. When an image is approaching our approval, they are printed and inspected for imperfections. The process of printing is also an art form in itself and significantly improves the quality of the work. Multiple images are printed before we are happy with the result. Once they are approved we then move on to  large format printing in a dedicated print shop. When they are printed in a large format, the margins for error are very small. Unnoticeable issues on the computer and on the smaller prints appear large and distracting on a large print. They push you towards perfection. 

My first large print stunned me. I felt the same way I did when I was standing at that location. I found it did justice to these beautiful locations and allowed me to relive that moment over and over again. I have crafted many images after and I have finally decided that it was time for me to share them with  the public. My respect for business owners has increased significantly after realizing how much time and effort goes into the smallest details to deliver a quality product. 

As of 2019, I have been accredited as a professional photographer of Canada. I have sent my images to a Canadian National competition and all 8 have been accepted and I have received 3 awards including Judges choice, best in class and also the Bruce Berry Award for best print. I will continue to push the limits to see how far this will go. 

I have recently achieved one of my goals of a dedicated gallery in the town of Moncton, NB where I currently live. I have plans to expand my work to a new audience in the near future. Your support is very appreciated and helps me to achieve my goals. 

Andre Poirier

Future Art Collectors

For you, the Art Collector, my goal is to keep the value of these prints as best as I can in order for you to be happy with your purchase.  The main goal of sharing these creations is to make you, the art collector, enjoy these images like we do. That being said, if you are not satisfied, I will be refunding you without any hesitation. After all, learning when you fail determines how far you will go,,, right?

I look forward to bringing images from around the world and I will try to get all of my printed images as close to perfection as possible for you to be able to enjoy them as much as us. Thank you in advance for your interest and support!