Any specific photos you had in mind?

I am always scouting for great locations. Sometimes an image is worth more to us after we have seen it with our own eyes. our trips are listed down below and if you have a specific image you would like to hang on your wall let me know and I will try to capture it during ideal conditions and lighting. 

Upcoming Trips


Yucatan, Mexico

This is not our first time in the Yucatan Peninsula, but it will be the first time going for proper photography. This place has stunning landscape locations from Seescapes, to Cenotes, to Mayan Ruins. We have also invested in our first underwater camera housing. We have finished planning our trip and we are all ready for the sun. Can't wait!!!

Havasu Falls

After 3 years of waiting, we finally got a permit to hike down to the gorgeous Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon. We will be camping outside for 4 days in the Grand Canyon with minimal utilities. This one seems like an adventure. Our trip is all booked up. We are hoping to get photos of Lake Powel as well. This trip should be memorable. 

Canadian Rockies

Again?!? Yes I will visit this place over and over. The fun part of revisiting places over and over is that you know where to go and you start to venture further deeper into the landscape beyond what the regular tourists would see. This time, a place called Mount Assiniboine is on my list. It is far into the wilderness and the view from there is phenomenal. Can't wait


Italy  is such a nice place to visit. Still working on my images from my trip and soon to be released is my collection from Cinque Terre, Florence and the beautiful rolling hills of the Tuscany countryside. 

The Dolomites are special to me and they will deserve a full week all on its own, including Venice and Burano. 


We have just photographed the purple lavender fields for a week this past July in the South of France. We are anticipating revisiting the City of Paris and then heading to the Mont St-Michel which seems like a picturesque place. 

New York

Yes again! This place has lots of impressive places to visit. Lots to discover here and revisit as well.

Bucket List


Iceland Winter

The Aurora got us addicted in our trip to Norway and we want more of it. Iceland is well known for its visibility of the Northern lights as well as ice caves/waterfalls and mountains. The cold is easily forgotten if you are well prepared. Stay tuned for these images. 


Not sure exactly where, but we are looking for turquoise water,  lonely beaches and tropical trees. If there are mountains, even better. 


Barcelona  and the Costa Brava seems like a must. This place has very intriguing architecture and local markets.


Clearly a landscape photographers/ adventurers destination.  One of the places in the world which remains wild. This is definitely a bucket list destination for us. 

Costa Rica

Wanting to visit this place for a very long time now. Animals and rainforests as well as exotic beaches seem to be the main focus on this trip.

Faroe Islands

This is an intriguing place for many photographers as there is a beautiful coastal scenery to enjoy.